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The chapter came into existence since August 26, 1988 through the inspiring and energetic efforts of Messrs. Felixnito A. Frias and Noe G. Quinanola who called themselves "All Filipino CPS's in Saudi Arabia"           (See our members)

Mr. Antonio "Tony" S. Mandrique was the first Chapter President supported by other fourteen members of the council. then on Oct. 28, 1988, during the PICPA National Board Meeting. PICPA-Saudi Arabia Chapter was officially recognized and later introduced during the PICPA 42nd Annual Convention in Manila on November 28, 1988.

It was in 1995 that the Chapter was given the "Best International Chapter" award by the PICPA National Office. Prior to which in 1991, then President Rizalino "Nonong" Fontanosa and colleague Mr. Val Regidor were both awarded the "Most Outstanding PICPAN's". This Chapter was instrumental in the formation of PICPA - Riyadh and PICPA - Jeddah Chapters. Also, it spearheaded the formation in 1993 of PICPA - Bahrain and PICPA -Dubai Chapters. Consequently, PICPA - Saudi Arabia changed its name to PICPA - KSA (Eastern province) Chapter.

Perhaps the most significant and continuing accomplishment of the Chapter is the formation since 1992 of PICPA - KSA Scholarship Foundation Inc. when it started then with two sponsored scholars in the Philippines with a raised fundsof only Ph120,000.00. This was institutionalized when it was formed and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1993. Now the same foundation has total seed money already of about Ph2 million          (Foundation History).

The Chapter was granted on October 12, 1988 by Aramco the accreditatio as one of its employees' self-directed professional groups. This accreditation granted the Chapter up to this day access to Company facilities and other privileges such as providing audit and other services to Saudi Aramco Employees Association (SAEA) and other self-directed groups including the Dhahran Men Softball Association.

In 1999, the Chapter signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Philippine Embassy as one of the Accredited Community Partners (ACP) that will collaborate with OWWA and POLO in developing the implementing various government programs for OFW's in the Kingdom.

Below are the ex-Presidents of the Chapter.

Antonio S. Mandrique 1988-89
Robert Lao 1990
Rizalino Fontanosa 1991
Eladio Caritos 1992
Eriberto L. Icamina 1993
Robert Roque 1994
Glicero L. Tuazon 1995
Serv Braceros 1996
Sergs Manlangit 1997
Eli P. Estella 1998
Jaime R. Lezarda 1999
Virgilio L. Evangelista 2000
Emmanuel Tumulak 2001
Renato B. Briones 2002
Roque A. Millete 2003
Rodolfo M. Buenavista 2004

Also, the Chapter is busy engaging itselft in the following: Continuing Professional Education Programs like the CMA Review, seminars and workshops on SEC regulations, taxation and information technology.

Community Involvement like providing workshop on "Accounting for Non-Accountants"

Cooperatives: Organization and Management

Conducting the election of other Filipino civic organization's officers and directors i.e. acting as comelec;etc.

Meetings and Networking like the Chapter's quarterly meetings, publication of newsletter, attending other civic organization's meeting and conferences etc. Socials, sports and awards like the yearly bowling, lawn and table tennis, chess and basketball tournaments, yearly family outing day, "Most Outstanding PICPA" Award (MPO), certification of recognition and appreciation for excellent deeds of its members and guests, scholastic grant for deserving children of fellow PICPAN's etc.

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