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Program Benefits

The Foundation provides scholarship grants, at an amount to be determined by the Board of Trustees, to any qualified student planning to pursue Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy in any accredited school in the Philippines.

The scholarship grants shall continue throughout college provided he/she is a full time student, having enrolled full load and maintains a GPA of at least 2.0 with no grades in any academic subject lower than 2.5.

The grant also includes a one-time financial assistance provided the student takes the CPA Board examinations within one year from graduation. The student must also show proof of enrolment in a reputable CPA Review School to qualify for the financial assistance.


Any natural born Filipino citizen planning to pursue BS Accountancy and qualified to enroll in college and/or university in the Philippines is eligible to apply for scholarship grant provided he/she meets the following criteria:

1. The family annual gross income does not exceed P100,000.
2. Not receiving scholarship grant and/or any form of financial support from any individual and/or entity.
3. High school general average is not lower than 85%.
4. Willing to pursue BS Accountancy

Screening & Selection Process

The Board of Trustees decides if and when a scholarship slot becomes available. The information shall be immediately disseminated to the members to participate in the search of potential candidates for open slots in the Program.

The member/officer who submits a nominee is responsible for conducting a background check of his/her nominee and should submit to the President the following:

1) duly accomplished application form together with all of the required documents;
2) applicant’s written essay in English explaining why he/shet deserves to become a scholar of the Foundation; and
3) a letter of recommendation vouching for the character and qualifications of his nominee.

The Board of Trustees shall review, deliberate and select, by voting if necessary, the successful applicant(s) who will fill up the open scholarship slot(s). The President shall immediately inform the successful applicants in writing.

The Foundation requires the submission of the following documents by each scholar at the end of each semester before payment of tuition fees for the next semester is authorized:

1. Copy of complete grades certified by the Dean of College or School Registrar.
2. Tuition fee information (also duly certified by either of the above).